New Years Resolution

Ok, so its been awhile since I last posted… my apologies! Lol.

I will start with unfinished business: my tofurkey review.

I liked it! I used their orange juice baste… I least I believe thats the juice it used…

I would definitely suggest it to anyone, it was fairly convincing as faux-turkey.

Next,though,I’d like to tell you about my holiday cookies! I made three different kinds, 2 of which are 100% vegan and a third that would be without the frosting.

The first is a double chocolate cookie… which I’m not sure if I’ll be finish eating, because they’re incredibly rich! You can find them here.

My non-veg mother said they tasted like brownies! They kind of do,though, honestly. Very nice!

Then, sugar cookies,… which I’m not eating many of because of the frosting… my mom didn’t want me to make more frosting because she already made some so… yeah, I don’t have a lot of money, right now, and they’re just cookies.

But, they are very good… the recipe I used was here.

The last was chocolate chip cookies… I bought Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips… their vegan, and used the recipe right off the page using Ener-G Egg replacer and Earth Balance in place of the eggs and butter.

Yeah, Earth Balance comes in sticks! I believe I shall respond with a ‘Holla’ to that… because I love to bake. 😉

Finally, I don’t envision posting again until next year HOWEVER I will be back on my parents health insurance…so, I am getting a full blood work up and embarking on The Engine 2 Diet. Since I don’t know when my insurance starts, I can’t tell you when I will go, but you will be updated on my numbers and I want to use this blog as a journal and as a food diary. I am going to actually use my work out log and use Engine 2 Diet recipes from the site, so you can try them, too. THAT is my New Years Resolution.


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